Going Crazy

January 10, 2009 at 3:43 pm (2WW, IVF) ()

This is my first post regarding our IVF journey.  I admit I’ve spent the last few weeks lurking around all the other IF blogs I could find.  I’ve become a blog addict.

Today is my 8th day after a 5 day transfer – is that 8dp5dt (I hope I got this right).  And I’ve become a crazed woman.  Yesterday I emailed my mom (the only person on my side of the family who knows what is going on) and said “Its official -I’ve become nuts”.  Instead of doing my projects here at work, I’m reading every possible blog or article I can get my hands on.  Hope I don’t forget to clear my browser memory when I leave for the day.

I told my DH that no matter what, do NOT let me POAS.  Last night was one of the hardest nights.  I’m not a crier, but I sobbed like a baby.  He still held out, thank goodness, and I’m gearing up for my beta on either the 31st or 1st (I can’t call for a weekend appointment until Friday).

In the first few blogs I’ve read, several people posted that they felt the “typical” pregnancy signs.   I don’t have very many, at least I keep thinking it feels as if AF will appear at any moment.  As a dear friend pointed out yesterday – “How the heck would you know what pregnant feels like if you’ve never been pregnant before?”.  Good point, dear friend.

So, its out here.  I will be working my way back so you can see my timeline (Started BC pills in Dec, retrival on Jan. 16, 5dt on Jan. 23).

And now its back to the wait….and going crazy….


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