A Little History Lesson…

February 5, 2009 at 8:57 pm (IVF)

Yesterday AF arrived.  I actually feel a little bit relieved AF is here – now the cramping is finally going away (the Tylenol barely made a dent).   I was also a little bit happy AF arrived because that meant I could call the RE’s office and talk about what was next.

In all of our previous appointments, it really never occurred to us to ask the RE how long she tends to wait between IVF attempts.  I don’t think a FET is an option right now because we only were able to freeze one embryo.  (A little history here – I had 13 follicles, and 9 of them had eggs.   Of those 9, 7 became fertilized.   2 were transferred, grades A- and B+, on the fifth day.  The third one, a B+ too, was frozen.  On transfer day, we learned 2 had ‘arrested development’ and they were watching the other 2.  They called on the 6th day and said that the remaining 2 would not survive the freezing process and were not high grade).  For whatever reason, I was starting to build up strength again to get ready for my next cycle.   So here comes the phone call with the nurse.

The nurse said right away that my RE wanted me to take a break, she had some concerns about my lab results (this was new information).  See, we started our first IVF attempts way back in January of 2008 – at the end of the month.   Our first cycle was over before it began – I had a cyst.   By the time AF came (too early for their liking) and we finally got a decent cycle going, it was late March.  We started again in April only to have it end in May before we even got started, again, due to a high E2 count.   DH and I had a trip to England already planned and I was already emotionally exhausted (there is a whole other story  involved here which I will write about later).   So we decided to take a break.

Now, this takes us to our first IVF attempt.  I called the RE’s office at the end of November, thinking my 2 weeks off in December around Christmas would be perfect timing – I could relax, take it easy and not worry about work.  I was reminded that my RE’s office does not do any transfers or retrievals the month of December – they shut everything down to clean, do quality control checks, etc.  I was annoyed, but I do appreciate the quality control checks.  And then we find out that our previous tests – his semen analysis, my tests – all had to be repeated since it was a year since we had them.  Sigh.   They can do those tests in December, so we got those scheduled.   We also got to meet with the RE and discuss our first two failed attempts.  I started birth control and a higher dose of Lupron, and everything was going very well which lead to our first IVF attempt.

The first RE we met (which is a story for another time) and our current RE would not even consider attempting IUI or any other treatments.  They went straight to IVF.   For a long time I wondered if it was because of my husband’s great insurance with a large public school system.  The insurance company will pay up to 8 IVF tries in a lifetime, and we could appeal for additional tries if needed.  No questions asked.  No proof of having to try other methods.   I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, and DH’s count is on the low end, with lots of abnormal shaped swimmers.  The only positive result of his test was that the abnormal shaped swimmers sure like to move around – motility isn’t a factor here.  Now I realize it is because this seems to be the best course for us.

Our next appointment with the RE is next week Wednesday.  It will be interesting to see what we find out.



  1. Orodemniades said,

    Hola, stopped over from L&F. Just wanted to commiserate and wish you luck on the journey – my diagnosis was much the same as yours, 8 1/2 years of Death March sex with never the need to pee on a stick. Turns out I have PCOS, he has low motility.

    We didn’t bother doing IUI because I figured that I never had to worry after 8 years of unprotected sex. I mean, seriously, if the eggs never escape the ovary, what’s the point? We did IVF with ICSI and Assisted Hatching…and we were successful on our very first IVF…which still amazes us when we think about it. We’re going to try a FET sometime this year, and are hoping we’ll be successful again.

  2. Orodemniades said,

    Also, welcome!

  3. Megan said,

    Holy crap. You have awesome insurance. My husband is an educator. He needs to find a new school. His school pays $5k annually for fertility testing, but no pay for IVF. I have a $15k lifetime max for my insurance which we are using to do IVF.

  4. twondra said,

    Welcome to blogland! It’s addicting. 🙂 Good luck with everything! It sounds like you’ve been through a lot! (((HUGS)))

  5. babysmiling said,

    Here from Lost and Found to welcome you to the IF blogosphere…

    I’ve seen the time between IVF cycles vary from immediate re-cycling to waiting several months, depending on the RE and the situation. Personally re-cycling immediately following a BFN would feel a bit overwhelming to me, but at the same time I totally understand wanting to move the process along.

    Good luck at the RE, and best wishes with your next cycle, whenever it is!

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